Video: The Nations Newspaper Building Set Ablaze

Furious Youth in Lagos State have set the Lagos office of the Nations Newspaper burning.

This is only one of the numerous properties that have been annihilated after the shooting of serene nonconformists at the Lekki tollbooth by fighters on Tuesday night.

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The Youth are assaulting structures and foundations connected to the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu, ablaze.

The Nations Newspaper is connected to the previous Lagos State lead representative.

It was accounted for that End SARS dissidents at the Lekki ground went under weighty fire by the military on Tuesday.

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Shots discharged by security agents hit a few people and in any event two people have been affirmed slaughtered by the police and many harmed.

Voices in a viral film accused the shootings for officers.

Since the shooting in Lekki, furious youth have assaulted a few spots, including the Nigeria Port Authority, TVC News premises, and the family place of the Governor where his mom dwells.


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