Hooligans Ranged the Oba Palace in Lagos

Hooligans on Wednesday raged the Palace of the Oba of Lagos situated at Iga Idugaran, Lagos Island, vandalizing vehicles and trucking ceaselessly a few ancient rarities.


In a video which circulated around the web on the Internet, the hooligans are seen carrying off the staff of office usually alluded to as ‘Opa Ase’.

An inhabitant of Lagos Island revealed  that the hooligans who attacked the castle were similar ones who set the family home of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu on fire.

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“At the point when the hooligans went to assault Sanwo-Olu’s dad’s home, some of them were shot by the police. This maddened them and they had the option to draw in the police in a weapon duel and overwhelm them. The police officers, who are appended to the Adeniji Adele Police Station, immediately made a retreat.

“The furious adolescents advanced toward the Palace of the Oba of Lagos. They guarantee the lord is important for the legislature. The hooligans have just been assaulting government establishments,” he said.

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