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Some Hidden Facts About Tai Lopez

I will Be taking about hiden facts Tai Lopez. You guys must have seen him on most of the social media platforms or probably heard of him through his Facebook ads. He claims to have sold his night club. While moving to California so as to start his online dating business which is called millionairemeeting.com.

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He mostly runs some ads to get people to sign up for the paid membership. The main purpose of the millionairemeeting.com is to connect ladies to attractive millionaire me. So when a lady can see the message from the men. She then gets prompted that she needs to sign up to read the messages. This were paid website too when people sign up and wanted to actually pay for the service. They will be paying something like a 100 dollars per month.

His dating business received so many negative reviews. That he was forced to shutdown the doors to his online dating website. He was in the 2011 Idate conference where he was recognized as the ceo of datinghype.com. Additionally, if u watch a lot of his videos he still never bring up the dating website. If he actually was successful and made money from it before the social media. Why is he not talking about it or at least addressing the negativity. To me we are me we are meant to do some research on those selling information courses we should really question. How they become successful?? what type of companies did they run before social media??.

This was Researched and Written By Aladesoyin Emmanuel

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