Young Lady

A man raped 16 Years Old Young Lady

Another 16 Years Old Young Lady raped while doing her laundry

One Akeem Adebayo has been captured by the Osun state order of the Nigeria Police Force for purportedly assaulting a 16-year-old young lady.


It was accounted for that the little youngster had gone to wash her garments at a stream in Ido Osun. Egbedore Local Government Area of the state on Saturday, August 29 preceding the suspect assaulted her from behind and strongly engaged in sexual relations with her.

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It was discovered that the stream where the occurrence happened was not a long way from their home. Which made her cry of help so noisy that it drew the consideration of bystanders who raced to the scene and caught the suspect.

Reports uncovered that she was quickly hurried to the emergency clinic for assessment.

On his part, while affirming the episode. The representative of the state police order, Yemisi Opalola, said the suspect is currently in police guardianship and that examination concerning the issue is continuous.

In the interim, two safety officers have been supposedly captured by the Nigeria Police Force, Oyo State Command, for purportedly assaulting a voyaging housewife and a 8-year-old young lady in various areas and time.

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